R'n'R Holistic Therapies 

Cheryl has been coming to our workplace for over a year now, visiting every 6 weeks or so to give the Staff a well earned 'chair massage'. Everyone comments on how relaxed and refreshed they feel having had a massage from Cheryl. The relaxing, calm and fragrant atmosphere coupled with Cheryl's fantastic skills means that you come out from seeing her, feeling lighter and more able to cope with everyday stresses and strains. 
H. House - Clevedon

For many years Cheryl has been regularly communicating with my precious cats. What a wonderful and special gift Cheryl has. Her information has helped me to understand their problems and has guided me to an informed decision on what natural remedies to give to them in order to bring their wellbeing back into balance. Sometimes crystals and essential oils are suggested, which I then research and use alongside Homeopathy. I find Cheryl’s communication work invaluable. 
June Swainson - DSH Homeopath -Clevedon

Cheryl is mainly a spiritual person. This is why she is a great healer. When she massages you, she does that better than anybody: she has a real gift. But, actually, it's more than that: she cures you without telling you anything. When she speaks to you, in fact, it is her soul speaking to your soul, but it is done in a natural, genuine way, so you never feel any judgement from her, only kindness and wisdom. When I want to speak to myself, to know what to do and life is difficult, the best conditions to have the information is to be with her... speaking or in silence... It doesn't matter. The right intuition will rise anyway. 
M.L - Clevedon 

I have known Cheryl for a long time. She is an expert in her practice and has helped my family so so many levels. My daughter suffers terribly with worries and anxieties. She is a very deep thinker and experiences everything life throws at her on an emotional level. The past year has been particularly hard with all the changes and restrictions. Cheryl helped enormously by helping her with distant healing and emotional support. Her knowledge of remedies and her ability to understand people is incredible. She has helped me as a parent to understand what my daughter is feeling and to support her through the issues. As a result, my daughter is always so much better after Cheryl has tuned in and sent healing. Secondly she has helped with our beloved dog. We got her as a rescue and she had huge problems with separation anxiety. Cheryl offered her oils to help unblock emotional pathways and past experiences alongside sending healing distantly. Thanks to Cheryl we also discovered flower essence for her anxiety which is amazing. We literally went from a dog who couldn’t be left in a room alone to one that we can safely leave for a few hours. She no longer feels the need to follow us from room to room and is settled and happy when we have to leave her at home. Her confidence has grown and the change is so huge she is almost unrecognisable as the dog that arrived at our home. I can’t rate Cheryl more highly. She offers support and knowledge which is hard to come by. She cares so deeply and will help to overcome any issues that are presented. I have always been open minded when it comes to healing and alternative therapies but seeing the results first hand still leaves me speechless. I will always be truly thankful to her for all her time and energy. I know many people who have both visited Cheryl in her beautiful lodge and also received distant healing and they have all been so happy to have found her. 100% recommend and will always be grateful to know someone so special. 
L Barttlet -Weston-Super-Mare

I have been receiving treatments from Cheryl for many years now. Every time I have a holistic treatment from her it has been an amazing experience, starting on arrival at her wonderful lodge where the majority of her treatments are performed. Cheryl's ability to tune into my needs are incredible, she is an extremely intuitive, highly skilled and special therapist. Her ability to accurately pinpoint where the imbalances in your body are, are second to none. She has a wonderful calming way about her, and has the unique ability to completely put you at ease and relax (I usually go into a deep sleep during the treatment). Cheryl always has time for you and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Her connection to the spirit world is unlike any I have ever experienced, which shines through when she performs any treatments on you. Her compassion and respect for all life shows through her work. I can highly recommend having a treatment with her. Thank you so very much Cheryl for helping to keep me balanced in mind, body and spirit over these many years that I have been seeing you. You truly are an Earth Angel!😇 
Romana -Burnham-On-Sea

I feel blessed my path crossed with Cheryl she always takes her treatments that extra mile. When in her presence you just know you will be alright and what needs fixing will be fixed with love understanding and compassion. Nothing is ever to much trouble. 
Karen from Aylesbury 

You will find it so relaxing and beneficial to have a treatment with Cheryl. She intuitively knows where you need to be worked on and gently heals that problem area. I speak from personal experience and recommend that you try one of Cheryl's therapies as soon as you can - you will be delighted with the results.
J.S. Clevedon

 I have visited Cheryl for massages and ear candle treatments. Not only have these been to relieve physical aches, but as a treat to myself as they have been very relaxing, pampering and a chance to have some well deserved 'me time.' Cheryl is a natural when it comes to relaxation and healing.
Sarah Williams - Weston Super Mare 

Cheryl is an amazing therapist who gives her heart and soul with every treatment, you always feel like you have been to a very special spiritual place for an hour when you are in Cheryl's presence, I would definitely recommend a treatment if you want to experience an inner calmness and would never want to give up my monthly reflexology sessions and much more!!! thank you Cheryl you are my special earth angel xx 
Linda S - Whitchurch

Cheryl takes time to understand her clients requirements and tailors each treatment to their needs. I have visited her regularly for the past 18 months and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
Andy - Clevedon