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Soulistic Face Reading /Soul Purpose

Soulistic Face Reading/Soul Path

The face is a book that tells the Story of you, each facial feature is a chapter in this book.  All features say something about your character, personality , strengths, potentials, well- being and authentic [soul] nature. When all the chapters of the book are read together, the full Story is understood.

Soulistic Face Reading is not a psychic or prediction skill in any way.  As a trained and experienced [soulistic] face reader, my role is to interpret the significance of each feature, balance their meanings against each other, and provide a non judgmental, insightful and helpful reading of the face. Because I am a well being {Holistic) practitioner, I use soulistic face reading during my consultations to help me understand my clients better so I can more deeply benefit their needs. This means my clients enjoy a fully integrated mind, body, heart and soul approach to their total well being and wholeness enhancement.

By understanding ones self at a deeper level, greater self- knowing and awareness is possible, and this is the source of living authentically with greater happiness, fulfilment and contentment. 

Soul Path

Are you looking for meaning, direction and purpose? Do you have the drive to understand yourself at a deeper level?  Although many of us don't consciously recognise or acknowledge that we even have a specific sole purpose, our subconscious knows what we're here to do. It reaches out to us, sending messages through our dreams, intuitions, and most inner longings. Until we recognise and live in accordance with our underlying purpose, our life may feel like a puzzle with missing pieces. We may have a sense that there's something we're here to do but we can't quite grasp it.