R'n'R Holistic Therapies 





This is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes (pressure points) in the feet and hands that correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body.  For thousands of years, countries such as China, Egypt and India have been using Reflexology along with other forms of natural healing in order to treat symptoms and promote preventative health care.  


Treatment takes place in the beautiful surroundings of our garden, in the sanctuary of the lodge.  Cosy up near the wood burner in the the winter and just relax.  Over the years that I have been practising, I have found that many people are seeking more than the physical treatment that reflexology provides and often find myself giving spiritual counselling during a session.  Spiritual counselling uses the exploration of your spiritual beliefs as part of the overall healing process.  You might be guided through breath work, visualisation or using positive effective affirmations.   


I view this approach of spiritual well-being as an important part of a persons over all health.  Therapy and spirituality have commonly been kept separate in the past and as a therapist I have started to see the value and results that incorporating spiritual counselling to a session has many benefits.   Equally if you are not comfortable with this aspect, a treatment of Reflexology is effective in bringing the healing and balance to the body that you seek. 


Treatment generally lasts about 45—60 minutes but may vary depending on your body’s particular needs. 

Hand Reflexology -   A specialised treatment 

Performed on the hands if preferred, which is very helpful in treating carpal tunnel (RSI) problems.

Vertical Reflexology Treatment (VRT)

Practised on the feet/hands in a standing/weight–bearing position.  This provides deeper access to reflex points. VRT is a 20 minute comprehensive treatment or can be incorporated into a conventional reflexology treatment.