R'n'R Holistic Therapies 

Indian Head Massage

 Also known as Champissage, this form of massage has been practiced in India for over 1,000 years. Indian Head Massage focuses on the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms. These are important energy centres in the body where tension accumulates resulting in stiff neck, shoulders, headaches and eye strain. It is also a subtle form of energy balancing which brings balance to the whole body by working on the three upper Chakras (energy centres). This creates a deep sense of peace, calm and wellbeing. Treatment takes place with the client seated and fully clothed, or for deep relaxation, oils can be used on the upper body and head.

In Chinese medicine life energy is know as 'Chi' in India energy is called 'Prana'. It is believed that the prana is balanced by working on the bodies energy centres or 'Chakra's'. The body contains seven main chakras from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. Therapist's work with the chakras to release any trapped energy to maintain balance.

Reduced stress - Sinusitis - Improved circulation -A release from anxiety - relief from Tinnitus -increases high levels of concentration - Helps with Insomnia and disturbed sleep - Eases Eye strain - Brings peace and tranquillity - Relives nasal congestion -reduction in trauma/bereavement/grief  - Relives Tension headaches/migraine.