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We are all unique and perfect in every way! Are you aware of this or has life's stresses and strains lost the real you somewhere on the way? For me personally Reiki has re-awakened my soul. I finally found "me" and my life's purpose transpired through my journey and initiation into Reiki.

Are you looking to find your life's purpose?
Would you like to feel more positive and better able to cope with modern life?
Are you simply wanting to enhance your spirituality?
If so, then Reiki may be able to help you :

What is Reiki? How does is work?
Reiki is an ancient yet powerful healing art that uses universal life energy to promote the natural healing processes of the body. The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words Rei - Universal Wisdom (Spiritual Source) Ki - Life Force (Energy) Our bodies are designed to function in perfect health and any illness-be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual is caused when our lifestyles have created a blockage, which then stops our own systems functioning correctly. Reiki 'unblocks' these areas and health is restored by our own natural healing process.

The Founder of "Modern" Reiki, Dr Mikao Usui, was Japanese and made it his life's work to find a way to bring relief to the suffering he saw all around him. Reiki has no religious foundation or belief system; anyone can receive, give or learn Reiki.

Energy or ki is non-physical, this energy is a form of the Universal Energy - everything that exists - the visible planets - the invisible atom - anti-matter - thoughts - emotion - love - is energy. If you were to study physics, there are two basic laws:- a) All energy has one origin - source b) Energy cannot be destroyed - it can only change in form.

Reiki Energy itself is a transcendental spiralling energy, which reaches the Physical - Emotional - Mental - spiritual levels simultaneously, unlocking the inner flow of vital energy. Once you have been attuned to Reiki, you will never lose it. It is safe and can only be used for The Highest Good of all and never for negative reasons.

The purpose of Reiki healing is to bring the body, mind and spirit into harmony and allow the bodies own natural healing process to function, so creating wholeness and a restoration to health.

Reiki Training is divided into three degrees:

The Reiki One healer - In the first degree, four of your energy centres are reawakened and attuned. The energy centres are known as chakras. At this first level your visionary qualities can become more open, which will help you to experience your soul, that eternal light, and its purpose. You are permanently aligned with love. The first-degree attunements are primarily focused on the physical body, so that it can respond by opening up to accept and transfer greater quantities of the life force energy. The attunements will raise the vibratory level of the four spiritual centres. Reiki One is for healing oneself, treating family, plants and animals. You will receive Information on the History of Reiki, principles, Usui Lineage, origins, uses and benefits. The major charkas in relation to Reiki healing.

The Reiki Two Attunement - increases the healing energy and focuses on mental and emotional issues in the receiver. After the attunement old emotions or unhealed past issues may surface. However, Reiki two preparations give the recipient the tools and support to work with these things. Healing with Reiki Two adds power to direct sessions and in addition enables the practitioner to use distance healing. Three of the Reiki symbols and their uses are taught in this attunment.

Reiki Three the Master/Teacher level - The receiver learns the other Reiki symbols and how to teach and attune Reiki students.

Being a Reiki Master can be interesting, rewarding and great fun too, but it is not an easy path to follow and like any journey you need to be well prepared and have a good map. It's a decision that needs a lot of thought. Becoming a Reiki Master is not just about getting another, higher qualification.

It is not even about being able to teach other people. It is much much more than either of those. Perhaps the question should read 'Do you really want to commit your life to Reiki, because that's what it actually entails. It is a commitment for life to mastering Reiki - a commitment to healing practice and spiritual discipline, which will inevitably change you and in all probability will change your whole life too. This is a lifetime decision, and you cannot change your mind once you have received the Master attunement.

So if you really like the life you are living now, don't become a Reiki Master - at least - not yet - because change is inevitable. However, nothing stays the same forever, no matter how much we like it or dislike it. So if you love Reiki and you are curious, interested and keen enough to explore a life that is filled with Reiki - then go ahead.

Reiki training is carried out in an environment that is loving, happy and safe, practiced in small groups, each attunement ceremony is performed in an atmosphere of trust, harmony and respect. One to one sessions are available.

After reading the above information and you have decided Reiki is the path for you and you feel drawn to work with me, please contact me - details can be found on the contact page of this site.

With love and light