R'n'R Holistic Therapies 

Body Massage

Modern Western massage techniques are based on an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body. The hand movements are used to facilitate the circulation of blood and the lymphatic system and to release muscular tension and joint stiffness. Of all the healing arts, massage is one of the oldest and simplest. Everyday we unconsciously employ massage techniques because the desire and need to touch, and the action of touching, is instinctive. We might hold a friend's hand to comfort them, rub away a child's knocked knee and bumps, stroke our temples to soothe a headache.

Massage is performed directly on the skin using oils. Clothing is removed for a full-body massage, although underwear can be worn if you prefer. Towels cover the areas not being massaged and help to keep the body warm. The benefits of regular or even occasional massage therapy are extensive. The physical benefits - when combined with the psychological benefits of conveyed warmth, understanding and reassurance - can very quickly produce a heightened, uplifted sense of well-being.

What's it good for? When the body is touched, receptors in the skin send messages to the brain causing the release of chemicals such as endorphins. These produce a sense of relaxation and well-being and can also relieve pain.

The Benefits

  • Relaxes the central nervous system
  • Releases muscular tension
  • Breaks down knots, scar and fibrous tissue
  • Calms and relaxes the respiratory system
  • Improves circulation
  • Stimulates and improves lymphatic drainage which aids detoxification
  • Nourishes the skin and all its structures
  • Stimulation and strengthening of muscle fibres, blood and lymph circulation improvement
  • Prepares healthy muscle for demanding activity and aids recovery from this activity
  • Calms the mind
  • Relaxes or stimulates thought processes
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases energy levels
  • Reduces apathy and depression
  • Soothes emotions