R'n'R Holistic Therapies 

Guided Meditation/Visualisation

Guided meditation is a powerful transitionary tool, it utilises our ability to imagine an outcome to a current [or past] situation. Through guided meditation we can unlock the potential of the mind, body, heart and soul.
This imaginary journey is a powerful opportunity to ignite transformation, transition and transcendence. Ask humans, the essential elements which support our well being on all levels remains universal. We need balanced positive stimulation through all our senses on a regular basis. Our senses bring the essence of the outside world and our environment into our inner world. They are not only for physical survival, but also for our survival on every level.  Most of the drama and crises experienced by most people is caused by a disconnection between heart, mind and soul. The casualty is the well being of the physical body. Like a huge sponge, it soaks up the energy that is generated consistently through all the influences of the external\ material world. When the body becomes over saturated in this way, dis-ease occurs. Guided meditation is a simple, drug-free, non- invasive yet powerful and relatively fast acting way to answer the quest of happiness and contentment through awakening heart- centred peace, inner calm, connectedness and self knowing. 
Guided Meditation is a powerful way of:
Relaxing, reconnecting yourself.
Coping with illness, increasing wellness.
Focusing your intentions and receiving inspired guidance.
Finding answers, clearing the past.
Dissolving stress and increasing coping ability.
Strengthening emotions. 
I have helped people to deal with serious illness, release trauma and breaking patterns of limitation and resistance to empower them to new behaviours and personally empowering beliefs. As everything begins with a thought, then it is possible through Guided Meditation to ignite an emotional, psychological and physical transformation using creative thinking to its best effect.