R'n'R Holistic Therapies 

Animal Healing/Biotanical Self Healing & Communication

Animals respond quickly to the ease that Reiki produces. Often harmonising seemingly difficult or impossible attitudes and conditions. Combined with animal communication Reiki is a very powerful healing tool and can help with:

Behaviour problems.

Aiding the healing process. 

Previous ill treatment. 

Brings peace to the terminally ill. 

Helps boost low immune system. 

Treatment usually lasts 45-60 mins, but will depend on the individual animal. Horses can be treated wherever it is most comfortable (stable or field).

I practice a fair price policy and believe this system is a balanced exchange. This type of animal work is complementary to veterinarian practice and is not to be used as an alternative.   


Biotanicals are essential oils. When an animal is ill it would roam naturally to try to source nature to heal itself.  In todays world where we have domesticated the animals its our responsibility to help them to heal.  Offering Biotanicals gives the opportunity for our animals to self select what they need to heal themselves. By offering and letting them choose, it gives them a voice, enabling them to self medicate. When an animal inhales an oil the tiny molecules are taken into the lungs where they enter the blood steam and travel to every organ in the body, including the brain.   All oils used are of the highest grade and organic quality. 

If our own awareness was as loving as the majestic horse or the loyal dog, maybe we could fulfil the true evolution of mankind- that of the heart!

There are many animals I am unable to visit, but healing and communication can be done distantly. If you would like me to talk with your animal, please send an up- to-date photo (head shot, showing the eyes)  via email and I will respond with a date and time to call you with the information received.  "Namaste"